We use derivatives of oats in all our products. Oats (colloidal oatmeal) are said to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and moisturising effects and have been used for moisturising and protecting the skin since Roman Times. Naturally rich in Vitamin E, ferulic acid and avenanthramide, these properties help prevent dullness and relieve itching and inflammation of the skin due to dryness. Extracts and vegetable oils derived from grains are carefully selected according to their purpose to ensure maximum benefits for your skin.

100% Vegan

All our STEAMCREAM products are 100% vegan, and we never use animal-derived ingredients. A generous amount of plant-derived natural ingredients such as oats (colloidal oatmeal), almond oil, cacao butter and jojoba oil are blended together to create products that are kind to your skin, animals and the planet.

100% Natural essential Oils

STEAMCREAM is formulated using only 100% natural essential oils. We believe skincare should be effective first and foremost, benefiting your skin while remaining gentle. The essential oils we choose are used at the lowest possible levels to provide your skin with maximum active benefits while avoiding skin sensitisation. And the added benefit? Sensory enjoyment!