Hand Made In Japan

Using our unique STEAM process

Since our founding in 2006, our delicate, silky smooth cream has been hand-made in small batches by skilled craftsmen in Japan.
Oat milk is carefully extracted by hand and emulsified using high-temperature steam, instead of harsh mechanical alternatives.


No animal testing

Animals shouldn’t be sacrificed for our skin care. All our STEAMCREAM products are 100% vegan and have not been tested on animals. We also only use cruelty-free ingredients, and never use animal-derived ingredients.

Our natural commitment

Initiatives for the future

Since our launch in 2006, we have strived to develop products and operations with minimal environmental impact. In September 2019, we announced our ‘Natural Commitment’, vowing to play our part in tackling global environmental problems.

We promise to do our utmost to protect the earth, think and act responsibly, and pursue environmentally-friendly operations in order to secure the earth’s future for our children


Creating happiness through individual choice and expression

We know what’s inside the tin matters most, but we also know that sometimes you want a little more choice.

We allow you to choose from a variety of aluminium tin designs, meaning you can pick the tin that best suits your mood, personality or decor. Bring a little joy to your morning skincare routine!