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Welcome to the STEAMCREAM beauty insights blog

Sustainable ingredients that are naturally sourced are at the heart of STEAMCREAM. We believe that beauty is much more than what’s on the outside, which is why every essential oil and plant extract is chosen specifically to be absorbed quickly through the skin to provide you with a balanced range of benefits.

To help you with your beauty regime, discover a whole host of beauty insights below.

Welcome in Autumn with Almond Oil


Autumn can hit our skin hard. When the heating is up and the humidity is low, our skin can become unbalanced and in need of some extra nourishment. Don’t fear- almond oil is here. This humble oil softens the skin, is non-greasy, and is super-nutritious. High in essential vitamins and anti-oxidants, almond oil is the key to naturally soft and smooth skin, and it is for this reason that we use it in STEAMCREAM®. Discover our top 5 reasons to incorporate amazing almond oil into your skincare routine: Rich in […]

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3 Ways To Combat Acne


Most people associate acne with those awkward teenage years, but in reality, it can strike anybody at any time. Acne is caused by pores becoming blocked, usually by oil or dead skin cells. This can lead to the growth of the acne causing bacteria, Propionibacterium acnes, which your body’s natural defences try to fight. The battleground of this fight is often left inflamed and covered with acne. It’s estimated that acne affects over 80% of people at some point. With such a huge potential market, there is no shortage of […]

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How to Get Naturally Sun-kissed Skin


There’s nothing like the natural bronze of sun-kissed skin. A look which radiates health and vitality, it is little wonder the moment the sun peeks its head, the nation whips into a sun-tanning frenzy. But what can we do to nurture good skin health? Sunscreen up A decent sunscreen the first step to achieving the right level of bronze, and a tan that remains. Choosing SPF 30 or above helps provide adequate protection while allowing us to bronze naturally. Always opt for a waterproof screen which blocks both UVA and UVB, […]

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Post Beach Skincare


After a winter of hiding our skin away under layers of clothes, our summer holiday is finally here and we can’t wait to bare all and hit the beach.  The change in environment from being hidden away to being exposed to bright rays of the sun and salty water can result in your skin being confused.  Luckily enough we have compiled a 5 step plan to help care for your skin post beach. 1.Take a cool shower After a long day soaking up the sun’s rays on the beach, sunscreen can build up […]

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Skin Food: 5 super-foods with amazing skincare properties


What is a 'super-food'? 'Super-food' is a word we hear often nowadays – it’s essentially a description of any food that has multiple health benefits when eaten as part of a a healthy diet. For a food to be considered ‘super’, it needs to be a true multi-tasker  – by adding it to your diet, you should be able to see noticeable benefits over time in various ways. The dangers of ‘super-food drinks’ This has lead to a boom in the number of products with so-called super ingredients – however, […]

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5 Japanese Beauty Tips


If you didn’t already know, the STEAMCREAM brand is Anglo-Japanese and the famously beautiful Japanese Cherry Blossom also blooms this time of the year. So because of that, we thought it would be interesting to have a look at the traditional ways Japanese women care for their skin. Japanese skincare uses simple and natural ingredients such as rice bran, camellia oil, seaweed and azuki beans. Skincare routines are broken down into toning, cleansing, moisturizing and other brackets for the whole body. Here are our 5 Japanese Beauty Tips. 1.Green Tea has great […]

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