Christmas Moisturising Duo

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What is it?

Save 15% on this STEAMCREAM Original Christmas Designs Duo.

Features our '75ml It's Christmas Time' and '75ml Sounding Joy' designs.

This bundle includes:

1 x It's Christmas Time 75ml

1 x Sounding Joy 75ml

How to use it

For your morning and evening face care routine, post-bathing body care, and regular hand care.

FACE CARE:After toning, gently apply from your face to your neck. We highly recommend applying it generously at night like a mask.

HAND CARE:Use STEAMCREAM regularly after washing your hands with soap, using antibacterial hand gel, or even operating your computer for a long time. It replenishes lost moisture and oils due to frequent hand-washing and hand gel usage. The key is to use it regularly!

BODY CARE:Don’t lose any essential moisture after your bath! The trick to sealing in that moisture is to apply your moisturising cream as soon as possible after bathing, preferably when your skin is still a little damp.

What's inside?

STEAMCREAM is made from 98.5% naturally derived materials. We use ingredients with properties closest to the skin’s natural sebum, the natural oil produced by your skin to keep itself moisturised and support skin function. Ground oats (colloidal oatmeal) are rich in amino acids with highly moisturising properties, almond oil and jojoba oil have fatty acids similar to sebum, and cocoa butter is rich in oleic acid, an acid abundant in human sebum.

Simple Quality Skincare’ is not just a motto, it is our ethos. We carefully select ingredients that we can trust, using simple formulations to maximise the ingredients’ performance.

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Good to know

Our unique and highly confidential Steam Emulsification Manufacturing Method

STEAMCREAM is handmade in small batches in Japan using our unique Steam Emulsification Manufacturing Method. Oat milk carefully extracted by craftsmen is emulsified with our oil-based ingredients such as almond oil, jojoba oil and cacao butter, using high-temperature steam instead of harsh mechanical alternatives.

Containing only natural essential oils

STEAMCREAM is formulated using a luxurious blend of 4 essential oils – Lavender, Neroli, Chamomile and Rose. We believe skincare should be effective first and foremost, benefiting your skin while remaining gentle. The essential oils we choose are used at the lowest possible levels to provide your skin with maximum active benefits while avoiding skin sensitisation. And the added benefit? Sensory enjoyment!

Gentle on your skin, the earth and animals

All our STEAMCREAM products are 100% vegan, based, and have not been tested on animals. We also only use cruelty-free ingredients, meaning we never use ingredients that have been tested on animals.

Aluminium Tin

Our planet matters to us, so once you’ve finished your cream, please reuse your STEAMCREAM tins. Our tins are made from aluminium precisely because they are lightweight, and one of the most recyclable materials available. Since launching in 2007, using aluminium tins has saved an equivalent of 300,000kg of plastic being produced. So you can use our product in the warm glow of knowing you are doing your bit for our planet.

Complete your simple quality skincare routine

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I’ve Given Up on Name-Brand Creams
"I’ve been using Steam Cream for close to a decade...  "..This is now the only final step to my nightly skin routine.."

Liz /

Japanese joy
"it absorbs beautifully and smells delightful , I am sure that my putting it on before bed helps me to sleep with the lasting aromas of lavender and camomile."

Jilly /

It’s one I come back to
"it smells amazing, goes a long way, doesn’t irritate and has improved the look of my skin"

Natalie S. /


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