Eucalyptus & Tea Tree

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What is it?

A highly moisturising, membrane-like cream that reduces chafing, skin irritation and dryness caused by masks, and stops environmental allergens in their tracks. Whether it’s hay-fever season or the new normal of wearing masks for long periods of time, our STEAMCREAM EUCALYPTUS & TEA TREE CREAM is your perfect under-mask partner. Its sharp, refreshing aroma is a blend of eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon myrtle, peppermint oil and camellia oil, meaning that as well as moisturising, it also benefits from antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

What's inside?

98.5% Naturally Derived Materials Naturally derived components obtained from rapeseed and sunflower create a texture that sticks tightly together, trapping pollen and dust and preventing it from being inhaled. Camellia flower extract provides anti-wrinkle benefits by protecting the skin from air pollution and promoting the production of collagen, and camellia oil promotes healthy skin, gently moisturising chafed skin around the nose.

‘Simple Quality Skincare’ is not just a motto, it is our ethos. We carefully select only natural ingredients that we can trust, using simple formulations to maximise the ingredients’ performance. We bring the true power of nature and all its blessings straight to your skin.

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How to use

Under your mask, to protect you from pollen and other allergens, or for a stress-reducing temple massage.

Under-mask Partner Place a small amount of the EUCALYPTUS & TEA TREE STEAMCREAM on your fingertips, as little as 1-2 grains of rice is enough. Gently apply it in a tapping motion to the nostrils, around and under the nose, and on areas where you are experiencing chafing from the mask.

Hayfever Season Face Care Place a small amount of the EUCALYPTUS & TEA TREE STEAMCREAM on your fingertip, as little as 1-2 grains of rice is enough. Using the middle finger of your other hand, gently and evenly spread the cream over your fingertip, then gently apply it in a tapping motion to the nostrils, around and under the nose. When using it around the eyes, gently apply it in a tapping motion around the eye area.

Temple Massage Take a small amount of EUCALYPTUS & TEA TREE STEAMCREAM, as small as a grain of rice is enough, with the middle finger of your right hand. Blend the cream with the middle fingers of both hands. Lightly exhale and with your fingers close to your nose take a deep breath. Gently place your fingertips on the ‘Sun Points’, the depression of the temples, and slowly move your fingers outwards in a circular motion 5 times. When your massage is complete, gently lift your fingertips away from your temples.

Good to know

Skin damage & irritation caused by masks Wearing a mask for a long period of time causes a build-up of humidity in the mask. When removed, the moisture on your skin begins to evaporate, taking your skin’s moisture with it. To make matters worse, dry and sensitive skin can become damaged from the constant chafing of the mask. Our unique membrane-like cream promotes healthy, moisturised skin and traps allergens, preventing them from entering your airways. So in addition to being your perfect mask-partner, it also offers protection from pollen and other environmental allergens such as air pollution, dust and PM2.5.

Containing only natural essential oils Our EUCALYPTUS & TEA TREE cream is blended using only natural essential oils. We have carefully selected a blend of essential oils native to Australia, long been used as medicinal herbs by Indigenous Australians. Eucalyptus and tree are said to have antibacterial and antiviral properties, and in addition to being both antibacterial and antiviral, lemon myrtle is also said to improve immunity. Cited to have pain-relieving and antiviral properties, the refreshing and sharp scent of peppermint essential oil eases congestion.

30ml | Product No. 1110
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