Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Mist

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What is it?

Our alcohol-free, skin-friendly EUCALYPTUS & TEA TREE MIST relieves the discomfort and abrasions caused by wearing masks, as well as the discomfort, nasal itching and congestion caused by hayfever and other environmental allergens.

Refreshing and sharp eucalyptus and tea tree are blended with the invigoratingly crisp scent of peppermint and layered with the gentle scent of lemon myrtle. Benefiting from antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, this perfectly harmonised mist eliminates mask discomfort, and the additional blend of oat kernel extract helps deliver essential moisture to ensure silky smooth skin.

How to use it

Face Care Spritz the mist once on your face for refreshed and moisturised skin. ※Please avoid getting this product directly in your eyes.

Face Mask When you are experiencing some discomfort, spritz your face once with the mist before wearing your mask as normal.

Room Freshener Spray the mist a few times and the refreshing scent will fill your living space and help focus your concentration.

What's inside

Our EUCALYPTUS & TEA TREE MIST is made from 98% naturally derived materials. Its alcohol-free formula means that as it gently moisturises, skin that has become chapped and inflamed due to excessive wiping and mask-wearing abrasion will experience less irritation. The oat kernel extract delivers moisture to the skin, leaving it silky smooth and helping protect it from becoming dry due to the temperature difference inside and outside the mask.

‘Simple Quality Skincare’ is not just a motto, it is our ethos. We carefully select only natural ingredients that we can trust, using simple formulations to maximise the ingredients’ performance. We bring the true power of nature and all its blessings straight to your skin.

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Good to know

Containing only natural essential oils Our EUCALYPTUS & TEA TREE MIST is blended using only natural essential oils. We have carefully selected a blend of essential oils native to Australia, long used as medicinal herbs by Indigenous Australians. Eucalyptus and tea tree are said to have antibacterial and antiviral properties, and in addition to being both antibacterial and antiviral, lemon myrtle is also said to improve immunity. Benefiting from pain-relieving and antiviral properties, the refreshing and sharp scent of peppermint essential oil eases congestion.

Gentle on your skin, the earth and animals All our STEAMCREAM products are 100% vegan-based, and have not been tested on animals. We also only use cruelty-free ingredients, meaning we never use ingredients that have been tested on animals.

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50ml | Product No. 1103


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