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Why do you use triethanolamine?

Triethanolamine is a safe synthetic material described as an organic chemical compound. It is classed as an “organic” compound because there is carbon within its structure. Triethanolamine is used in different ways within the cosmetic industry. It can balance the pH of products, is a fragrance ingredient, a surfactant or cleansing agent and as an …

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Is STEAMCREAM gluten free?

We use a small number of high quality raw materials in STEAMCREAM and manufacture in a small open factory environment. It is produced under strict hygiene and health and safety rules and regulations regarding the handling and manufacturing of cosmetics. We use fine oatmeal steeped in hot water to make a rich creamy oat milk …

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Are your ingredients organic?

We state which ingredients in our product are organic on our tin base label. For these ingredients we have certificates from the supplier to prove as such. Our buying team spend a lot of time researching and visiting our suppliers to make certain these ingredients are grown by organic means. Other ingredients may at some …

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What is STEAMCREAM made of?

We use the best quality materials, directly from sustainable sources and suppliers who comply with our anti-animal testing policy. Lavender used for its antiseptic, antibacterial, relaxing and soothing properties as well as for its beautiful fragrance Cocoa butter to help defend against ageing as it's rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin E Neroli & Orange Fruit …

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