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Can you use STEAMCREAM in your hair?

Yes! STEAMCREAM is bursting with pure essential oils that provide moisture to the hair. Once on the hair, these oils are absorbed and allow the hair strands to be gently styled. Just put a tiny amount on your finger tips and style as required to tame your locks!

Can you send me a catalogue?

As we have a constantly changing range of tin designs we do not have a catalogue that we mail out. You can however view our full range of tins online - please visit our shop and sign up to our e-newsletter for all the latest news.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Please email us at and let us know how many tins you would like to order and we shall let you know.

Will you ever re-release sold out designs?

No - this is an integral part of our brand. All tin designs apart from Original (and Freedom & Discipline in the UK) are limited edition so once they have sold out in a particular country they will not be sold again.

Why can’t I buy some of the tins from your design gallery?

Our design gallery is a complete historical record of all the designs we have created since our launch. It includes designs that have now sold out as well as our current collection. If you would like to see which designs are currently available to buy, please visit our shop.

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