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Can I get my favourite tin refilled?

Due to health and safety reasons we’re afraid we can’t refill your tins. They can be reused, however, to store all sorts of things: paperclips, pins, loose change, shampoo bars, conditioner, tea lights etc. They are also 100% recyclable.

Can I design my own tin?

We run an annual design competition where we invite budding artists and designers to submit their own original designs to create a new, exclusive limited edition tin. The winning entry is chosen by a panel of judges, put into production and released worldwide. The winning entry normally gets featured in the press too. Please sign …

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Do the aluminium tins maintain the quality of the product?

Yes, aluminium tins provide a unique way of containing and protecting our cream. The fragrance of the cream remains inside the package and outside contaminates cannot permeate inside to alter the quality of the cream. For the same reasons, aluminium is also used widely in the food packaging industry.

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