Can you put STEAMCREAM on scars or acne?

We only use the finest ingredients that will help hydrate, calm and tone your skin. Our unique steam process creates a super-light cream that can be instantly absorbed and won’t clog your pores - ideal for acne prone skin. On contact with skin, STEAMCREAM’s naturally moisturising ingredients and pure, calming essential oils are released from the light emulsion so that they can help nourish deep into the skin's surface.

STEAMCREAM contains pure lavender essential oil, which balances the skin and soothes and calms it. Its natural antiseptic properties help to banish redness and prevent oiliness. We also use an oatmeal infusion which results in a gentle and soothing oat milk, good for even the most sensitive skin. Oats are rich in minerals and vitamin B. Our high quality almond oil is made from sweet almonds, crushed to extract soft, easily absorbed oil that is excellent for your skin. It is amazingly nutritious with proteins, minerals and restorative vitamin E. Cocoa butter is another main ingredient in our cream. It is made from roasted cocoa beans, the same source as the best quality chocolate but instead of eating it, we use the pure natural butter to help make skin flexible and soft. All these ingredients will help nourish, balance and calm skin with acne or scars.