What is STEAMCREAM made of?

We use the best quality materials, directly from sustainable sources and suppliers who comply with our anti-animal testing policy.

Lavender used for its antiseptic, antibacterial, relaxing and soothing properties as well as for its beautiful fragrance
Cocoa butter to help defend against ageing as it's rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin E
Neroli & Orange Fruit Extract to improve texture and tone
Rose Absolut to enhance softness and suppleness, and to ease dryness
Almond Oil to soften, soothe, condition and nourish via its high levels of vitamins A & E
Chamomile & Bisabolol to soothe, calm and restore skin
Orange Blossom Absolute and Orange Flower Water to balance oil production and help dry skin stay comfortably supple
Jojoba to stop moisture escaping from the skin, helping skin stay supple and smooth, relieving the discomfort of dry, tight skin
Oats are rich in skin-preserving antioxidants and are used to soothe irritated skin and as a skin brightener to even out natural skin tone

For a full quantitative list of ingredients and for further information on the benefits of each ingredient used in STEAMCREAM, please see the Ingredients tab on individual product pages.