Why do you use STEAM in the manufacturing process?

The power and energy produced by high pressure STEAM melts and fuses the raw vegan ingredients at a speed that defies most traditional cream-making methods. This force and intensity emulsifies the ingredients immediately, producing a beautifully textured, fast absorbing cream. This light and glossy emulsion is held together so gently, that it allows the cream to break down immediately on contact with the skin. Plant extracts including oatmeal, orange flower water, jojoba oil and lavender essential oils can get to where they are needed, instantly.

In most creams, the emulsifying process is what holds the ingredients tightly together. It can also stop creams breaking down. Because of this, each ingredient struggles to enter the skin individually. It stays as a blend, moisturising the skin’s surface yet preventing the real goodness from reaching deep into the skin’s molecular structure. STEAMCREAM’s light, gentle and loosely bound emulsion allows each ingredient to break back down to its purest form and reach where it’s needed fast.

The orange flower water, oatmeal infusion and glycerine hydrate and moisturise deep into the skin. The almond and organic jojoba oils combine with cocoa butter to seal in their goodness, softening the skin’s surface. The process is topped off with a fragrance created from a natural blend of pure essential oils selected for their toning, soothing and healing qualities.