Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is an emollient, so it helps the skin to retain moisture and to keep our faces, bodies and hands feeling soft, smooth and flexible. It’s rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin E which both help the skin to defend against ageing. It has traditionally also been used to smooth wrinkles and stretch marks.

Cocoa butter is absorbed easily and we use it in STEAMCREAM to smooth and condition the skin.

Country of origin: Mixed Origins

A little more information for the curious…

Cocoa butter is a stable and dry butter. We grate it like cheese so it melts easily into the oat milk base during the STEAM process. It works beautifully with the other natural ingredients in STEAMCREAM to make your skin supple and smooth and gives the cream its rich, glossy texture.

Cocoa butter is a natural emulsifier and softening for the skin. It is said to effectively relieve itchy, dry skin when applied topically.

We use it for its softening, moisturising and conditioning properties.

The cacao tree (Theobroma cacao – ‘the food of the gods’) is native to tropical America and can grow up to approximately thirty feet tall. The tree yields fruit in its fourth year in the form of dark red or brown pods. These pods, in turn, yield up to fifty seeds.

To make cocoa butter, these seeds are fermented, which removes their bitterness. They are then cleaned, roasted and cracked to remove their hard shells. These 'cocoa nibs' are ground to a thick, oily paste called chocolate liquor.

The fat removed from the liquor goes through high pressure to separate the cocoa butter and cocoa powder. The butter is more than 50 % of the cocoa bean. It is rendered into pale yellow cocoa butter. Unlike most fats, the butter is not greasy. It has a hard consistency and smells like chocolate!