Oats are mild enough to use on even the most sensitive skin. The oat milk is nourishing with high levels of naturally occurring minerals iron, zinc, manganese and vitamin B. It also soothes irritated skin and has been used for centuries as a skin brightener to naturally even out skin tone.




Oats are a source of calcium, iron and vitamin B1. They are high in carbohydrates and contain more protein and lipids (fat) than other grains.

Oats also contain avenanthramides, a type antibiotic produced by the plant, which acts as an antioxidant and may contribute to the topically soothing effect of the grain.

Ancient Romans recognised and documented the beneficial properties of oats, both externally and internally. In more recent times, oats and the extracts made from them, became popular in cosmetics after information was published in the 1930s about their ability to relieve itching and to protect skin.

Cosmetic and medicinal preparations containing oats and oat extracts, have been shown to be anti-inflammatory, to relieve itchy, irritated skin and to help with allergic reactions due to the antihistamine nature of oats.

We use fine oatmeal wrapped lovingly in muslin and steep it in hot water, squeezing out all the goodness to make our creamy, rich oat milk.

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