Our History Of Design


We began STEAMCREAM with a singular mission to create one whole body moisturizer with the highest quality materials.

We chose to bring a little happiness and pleasure to our customers with our packaging.

We decided that we would make every STEAMCREAM in limited batches with limited edition art work on each can. For our customers, they could buy the same great STEAMCREAM but in a different design each time they purchased.

We didn’t want to make another skincare cream in a plastic jar so we looked for alternatives and we discovered some unique Japanese aluminium cans. By using aluminium, which is the most recyclable material available, we could avoid all plastic while making a can which our customers would want to keep for other uses and not throw away.

Over 14 years we have saved over 300,000kgs of plastic and today 90% of our customers keep their empty cans for other uses. See more in our Natural Commitment.