STEAMCREAM Rose Absolute and Cleansing Balm Bundle

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What is it?

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This bundle includes:

1 x Rose Absolute

1 x Cleansing Balm 70g

How to use it?

Rose Absolute

For your morning and evening face care routine, post-bathing body care, and regular hand care.

FACE CARE: After toning, gently apply from your face to your neck. It can be used as a daytime moisturiser, and to target specific areas of concern before retiring to bed. It is also perfect for any dry patches around the nose.

HAND CARE: Use it regularly after washing your hands with soap, using antibacterial hand gel, or even operating your computer for a long time. It replenishes lost moisture and oils due to frequent hand-washing and hand gel usage.

BODY CARE: This moisturiser can be used as a body cream, protecting your skin from dryness and supporting the skin’s natural barrier function. The deeply-nourishing ingredients like Shea Butter and antioxidant-rich Damask Rose Extract are perfect for soothing damaged skin and moisturising dry patches like elbows and knees.

Cleansing Balm 70g

For your morning and evening cleansing, makeup removal, face massage, and even décollatage massage.

Cleansing & Makeup Removal Aim for a grape-sized amount

Apply the balm to your dry face with dry hands. As the warmth of your hands melts the balm, gradually massage it into your face with your fingertips, removing your make-up and any impurities. Finally, rinse your face thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Face Massage Aim for a grape-sized amount

Aiming for a grape-sized amount, gently melt the balm with the warmth of your hands and apply it evenly across your face. Place your fingers horizontally and, alternating your left and right hand, gently massage your face by lifting your fingers in an upwards motion. After your massage, rinse your face thoroughly with lukewarm water.

What's inside?

Rose Absolute

When the temperature outside plummets, our skin reacts. Even the oiliest skin can be aggravated by the cold and drop in humidity levels, with central heating zapping the moisture from our skin barrier. Rather than a smooth, supple texture, many people suffer from dry skin that feels rough and uneven to the touch, and a loss of skin elasticity. Even make-up is unable to hide the dullness of the skin.

Deeply-nourishing emollient Shea Butter melts at body temperature, blending harmoniously into skin the moment it is applied. Easily absorbed, it helps to prevent water evaporation and is a fantastic moisturising ingredient for even the driest of skins.

Sourced from Bulgaria, known for the highest quality Damask Rose, skin-conditioning Damask Rose Flower Extract promotes skin firmness, smoothness and lustre, helping to restore the skin’s natural balance and provide hydration.

Powerful emollient Damask Rose Flower Wax has highly moisturising properties, supporting the skin’s natural barrier function to prevent further water evaporation, leading to firmer, more lustrous skin.

Damask Rose Flower Water is extracted from steam distillation and known for its skin purifying and youth-boosting properties. Damask Rose Flower Oil is a valuable and aromatic essential oil extracted from the Damask Rose, known to be an exceptionally fragrant rose among the 20,000 different types.

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Cleansing Balm 70g

Almond oil is rich in oleic acid, an acid abundant in human sebum, harmoniously relieving everyday strains on the skin.

Sugar squalane benefits from outstanding elasticity and spreadability, and this highly moisturising ingredient glides like silk and blends seamlessly with the skin.

Grapeseed oil has high antioxidant properties, softly conditioning skin that has become stiff and hard, delivering moisture and improving firmness.

Oat kernel oil protects the skin from external stresses, supporting the skin’s essential moisture and leading to smooth and lustrously moisturised skin.

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Good to know

Rose Absolute

Our 7 Seasons Skincare Approach

Your skin is alive. Reborn 365 days of the year, it battles against the changing seasons. From the harsh cold and dry air, to intense heat and humidity, your skin goes through a lot. Our Seasonals Line harnesses the power of natural ingredients to maximise the seasonal support your skin requires. Whatever the season, we have skincare products specially developed for your skin’s seasonal experiences. We have carefully selected and blended the most suitable ingredients and essential oils for each season, ensuring they benefit your skin and soul with each changing season.

Winter Skin Concerns

Winter is the season when temperature and humidity levels plummet, and dryness accelerates. The cold and harsh winter wind combined with indoor heating makes it one of the most severe seasons of the year for the skin. Moisture evaporates from the skin during this season, and it is difficult to maintain adequate moisture levels. Winter causes skin issues such as dryness, lack of firmness, irregular texture, stiffness and flaking. In order to increase blood circulation and cocoon the skin, a good moisturiser will help to lock in hydration, acting as a barrier against environmental aggressors.

Cleansing Balm 70g

Our STEAMCREAM CLEANSING BALM uses the same blend of 4 essential oils as our original STEAMCREAM moisturiser.

Lavender is said to have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

Neroli is said to have mild astringent properties and promote regeneration.

Chamomile is said to contain components with the power to prevent skin inflammation.

Elegantly sweet-scented Rose is said to have astringent action and promote cell growth.

We believe skincare should be effective first and foremost, benefiting your skin while remaining gentle.

Gentle on your skin, the earth and animals All our STEAMCREAM products are 100% vegan, based, and have not been tested on animals and neither have any of the ingredients.

Aluminium Tin Our planet matters to us, so once you’ve finished your cream, please reuse your STEAMCREAM tins. Our tins are made from aluminium precisely because they are lightweight, and one of the most recyclable materials available. Since launching in 2007, using aluminium tins has saved an equivalent of 300,000kg of plastic being produced.

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