STEAMCREAM UV SPF30 Moisturiser Plus & Japanese Citrus Bundle

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What is it?

Save 10% on this UV Plus SPF30 75ml & Japanese Citrus 75ml bundle.

This bundle includes:

1 x STEAMCREAM UV Plus SPF30 75ml

1 x Japanese Citrus 75ml

How to use it?


Use for your morning face care routine, or on your hands for SPF30 UV protection. 

Face Care (Morning): Place the cream on your forehead, nose, chin and both cheeks and spread it evenly across your face. Apply the cream a second time to the cheeks, nose and forehead as they are particularly susceptible to UV rays. Ensure you apply the cream on your neck to prevent sunburn. Use as a base under your foundation, or on its own for added peace of mind and UV protection throughout the day.

Face Care (During the Day): Excess perspiration and sebum can reduce the efficacy of the UV protection, so we recommend applying the UV cream again during the day if required. Gently remove any perspiration or excess sebum with a tissue, rehydrate your skin with a facial mist if required, and then reapply the UVPP cream. Reapply foundation if needed.

Hand Care: For added peace of mind and UV protection throughout the day. Use it regularly after washing your hands with soap or using antibacterial hand gel. Our UVPP cream replenishes lost moisture and oils due to frequent hand-washing and hand gel usage, as well as giving added UV protection.

Japanese Citrus 75ml

For your morning and evening face care routine, post-bathing body care, and regular hand care.

Face Care: After toning, gently apply from your face to your neck. We highly recommend applying it generously at night like a mask.

Hand Care: Use it regularly after washing your hands with soap, using antibacterial hand gel, or even operating your computer for a long time. It replenishes lost moisture and oils due to frequent hand-washing and hand gel usage. The key is to use it regularly!

Body Care: Don’t lose any essential moisture after your bath! The trick to sealing in that moisture is to apply your moisturising cream as soon as possible after bathing, preferably when your skin is still a little damp.

What's inside?


We use ingredients with properties closest to the skin’s natural sebum, the natural oil produced by your skin to keep itself moisturised and support skin function. Ground oats (colloidal oatmeal) are rich in amino acids with highly moisturising properties, and almond oil and jojoba oil have fatty acids similar to sebum.

Skin-conditioning Actinidia Polygama Fruit Extract has long been used in traditional alternative medicines and is said to protect from skin damage caused by external allergens such as exhaust fumes, PM2.5 and blue-light. Highly moisturising Oat Flour supports the barrier function of the skin.

Moisturising Camellia Seed Oil has been used as a beauty ingredient in Japan for over 1,000 years. Containing around 85% oleic acid, similar to human sebum, it has excellent oxidative stability, and its emollient properties moisturise and lustrously smooth skin. It also said to protect the skin from UV rays by absorbing UVB waves.

Raffinose is a type of natural oligosaccharide collected from sugar beet and is said to increase the water content of the skin by improving the skin’s lamellar structure, improving the barrier function of the skin and supporting the skin’s cell turnover rhythm.

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Japanese Citrus 75ml

In the summer season, your skin requires moisture-retention support to deliver moisture deep within the skin while also adjusting the balance of sebum. Our Japanese Citrus Moisturiser is made from 98.5% naturally derived materials. Skin-conditioning ingredient Citrus Sudachi Peel Extract smoothes the texture of the skin, and hydrating Sugar Squalane is moisturising yet light and non-sticky, perfect for the summer season.

Blended using 100% essential oils sourced in Japan, Japanese citrus harnesses the beautifully sweet scent of emollient Citrus Iyo Peel Oil, the calming scent of Mandarin Orange (Ponkan), the beautifully refreshing scents of Kabosu and Yuzu Peel Oil, bursting with summer citrus.

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Good to know


SPF30 Protection Our UVPP SPF30 Moisturiser has undergone the requisite testing to ensure broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. It has been specifically to provide you with SPF30 protection while also moisturising and conditioning your skin, making it the perfect daily morning moisturiser.

Japanese Citrus 75ml

Our 7 Seasons Skincare Approach Your skin is alive. Reborn 365 days of the year, it battles against the changing seasons. From the harsh cold and dry air to intense heat and humidity, your skin goes through a lot. Our Seasonals Line harnesses the power of natural ingredients to maximise the seasonal support your skin requires. Whatever the season, we have skincare products specially developed for your skin’s seasonal experiences. We have carefully selected and blended the most suitable ingredients and essential oils for each season, ensuring they benefit your skin and soul with each changing season.

Early to mid-Summer Skin Concerns The summer sun brings with it specific summer skin concerns. Excess heat and humidity can cause sticky skin, caused by excess perspiration and sebum, and many people find their usual winter moisturisers too heavy for the summer season. Overly air-conditioned offices can severely dry the skin, and more exposure to the sun can cause skin stress, including sunburn. Your skin requires moisture-retention support to deliver moisture deep within the skin while also adjusting the balance of sebum. More information about the exact ingredients we have chosen can be found under the ‘What’s Inside’ section.

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